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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  -  Lao Tzu

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Trips and Transfers

Our concierge service can arrange trips and transfers to anywhere in Uganda.  We have an expansive list of safe, reliable and affordable tour companies and guides.

Contact us at to arrange any trips or transfers.


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Jinja Activities

Best known for the towns’ location is the Source of the Nile however for most visitors it is not Jinja town they come to visit but to experience the adventure sport it has to offer.

We have compiled the following list of fun things to do in Jinja whilst you are visiting, all of these activities can be booked through our reception or by sending us an email to

Kayak the Nile

image012Kayak the Nile is the most experienced kayak operator on the continent.

They run all-inclusive holidays, three-day ‘intro to the river’ courses and freestyle coaching sessions for kayakers with more experience.

Whatever you choose to do Kayak the Nile will make sure you have the kayaking holiday of a lifetime. They take care of the logistics so all you need to focus on is the fun stuff.


Nile Horseback Safaris

image013Join them for a unique ride through a typical Ugandan village and a stunning section along the banks of the Nile. On longer rides you can also experience the views from the hills overlooking the Nile valley, canter through the stunning plantation vistas and relax in the tranquillity of Mabira forest.
They can accommodate riding groups with mixed levels of experience by allowing the riding groups to temporarily separate at certain points on the safari allowing more competent riders to ride at a more advanced pace and those not so confident to stay within their comfort zone.

All Terrain Adventures

image014Drive / Ride Yourself guided safaris beside the River Nile using easy to use ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) / Quadbikes to explore the tracks and trails along the east bank connecting small villages and farms for many kilometres downstream from our base at Bujagali.

Off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Uganda. With over 11 years’ experience, All Terrain Adventures take you to places that many visitors never get to see…

The safaris are tailored to suit the abilities of the rider and vary from easy, scenic rides to tough, challenging sections and everything in between. Trips range from 1 hour to multi-day. All ages and levels of rider from Kids Quads to Grandma’s chariot are catered for.

Nalubale Rafting

image015Few others have as intimate a relationship with the Nile as the people working at Nalubale Rafting. Between them, the Jinja section has been rafted and kayaked more than a thousand times.

The Nile has played a big role in all of their lives. Most of them met their wives and girlfriends here. They have had the privilege to explore its beauty and experience its greatness. They live and work on it. Because of it, they feel that their lives are full.

“The Nile is not just a river, nor is Nalubale just a rafting company. Both are vital components in our lives and in our lifestyles.”


image016Adrift is Uganda’s favourite adventure company offering whitewater rafting, bungee/bungy jumping, jet boating and river surfing on the Victorian source of the Nile near Bujagali Falls in Jinja.

Adrift has an unparalleled safety record that is both unrivalled and admired and we aim to keep it this way.  We thank over 58,000 customers who have safely rafted the Nile with us including Prince William, Ginger Spice, Mikka Hakkanen, Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

Leading the way, Adrift made the first-ever descent of the Nile river in Uganda in 1996 (10-years after first scouting the river) and hit world headlines before introducing commercial whitewater rafting to the country.  The company has the most professional and experienced team on the continent with over 30-years of worldwide rafting and adventure experience.

Swimming Pool, Spa and Gym

Our swimming pool is the perfect spot to cool down on a warm African sunshine day. 18 Metres long with perfectly monitored PH-levels, it’s time to relax, unwind and recharge.


Our Gym and Spa is going to be our newest additions.

This will be another service we offer to make sure our guests are content and relaxed.