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A cozy hideaway within Uganda's

vibrant city on the Nile


About Us

There is no doubt that your stay at the Nile Village Hotel will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated in the way a trip to the village can. With dozens of cottages arranged in a courtyard style lay out, let yourself be transported back to simpler times, when communities lived in circles of kinship and practiced Ubuntu. Feel the cozy village vibe while enjoying the city perks: swimming pool, beauty salon, massage parlour, steam room, conference rooms, bar and restaurant.


Make the Nile Village Special

The Igbo proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. Families will find that the Nile Village Hotel has many amenities to cater for them, including family suites, a children's swimming pool and a lot of space to run around.


Why Jinja is at the heart of Uganda's Tourism

Only five minutes away from the city of Jinja, staying with us means you have quick access to the attractions that have brought thousands to this gorgeous part of Uganda for over a hundred years. The Nile River, father of African rivers, flows here. Are you tired of the sometimes scorching sun and dust of Kampala? Or are you flying in from much colder crimes and want that tan?
Come to leafy Jinja, soak up the sun, explore the sites, ride the rapids, play a round of gold, or explore the eclectic mix of colonial, south Asian and Ugandan architecture. Then heard back to your cosy cottage hotel hideawy, away from the noise and the bustle of the city.


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Jinja, Uganda




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