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Our Culnary Experience
Is exquisite and memorable.

Let us be a part of your memories.

Experience Uganda's
Finest Breakfast Menu

Enjoy the sweetest pineapples in the world, Uganda's
breakfast Katogo, and a cup of spicy African tea for
breakfast. Of course there are many other things on offer
at the buffet table, you are welcome to try them all. And
because our soils feed us well, you will leave the
breakfast table well-nourished as well as satisfied.
Breakfast is included in the room charge.

Our Meals

Restaurant and Bar

The Taste Restaurant has a creatively designed menu that emphasizes fresh ingredients and offers a wide variety of simple but tasty dishes. You will enjoy the happy, laid back vibe at the poor side Bar as you get to meet with fellow


Touch Base With Us


48/49 Kiira Road
Jinja, Uganda



+256 434 120 879
+256 392 001 547